^Raven^ Plays World of Warcraft

I’ve finally climbed from under the rock shielding me from World of Warcraft all these years. I downloaded a free trial for my Mac yesterday and have been playing it in my spare time. It is stunning! I am playing Rajzar the Troll Mage who lives for the Horde. So far I’m a level 8 mage, using Fire and Frost, with a First Aid profession. That’ll come in handy…right?

I’ve vanquished tigers, harpies, undersea shelfish people, and crazy evil trolls. The highlight of tonight was vanquishing a lvl 10 Troll Mage for my quest. He was tough but worth it. My first night out I met a new person online who is an Orc Warrior. He is quite friendly and we’ve teamed up to do our quests together. We’re both level 8, now, and it is fun to see our characters grow. Last night my friend Steve, who is an uber level Warlock, joined us and used his Daemons to help us kill the human sailors that had invaded our homeland.

Each night before I sign out I go back to my home via my hearthstone. Then I find a comfy spot to curl up and sleep. Tonight when I did that I noticed something funny, to me at least, and thought I’d share it with all of you. Who knew Trolls liked to hide under pillows when they slept?  Be sure to click the pic for a larger version.

Sleepy Troll