No Podcast 1/10/08

Yesterday something drastic happened that has caused there to be no podcast today. My brand new iMac needs to be in the shop. Somehow, a disc is stuck in the optical drive and requires some love and attention from the kind people at the Apple store.

Only a few weeks ago the podcast had come back from its lengthy hiatus and I promise that today’s absence will not oft be repeated. I’ve searched high and low for another machine to podcast on to no avail. I know missing a week is a pain but to make up for it I have compiled a list of things you can do in the time you would have spent on listening to today’s podcast.

  1. Play World of Warcraft. I have become addicted to this game as a result of the free trial I got for my Mac. I’ve tried the trial on my XP too but I honestly believe the game plays better, much better, on the Mac. I never thought I’d say a game plays, never mind plays better, on Mac but here it is.
  2. Read/Re-Read the January ’08 White Dwarf and the new No Quarter. White Dwarf has great coverage of the new Space Orks, yes I still call them Space Orks, and a kickass batrep. If you’re not sure what parts to read then glance at our Quick Picks and see what’s Inside White Dwarf. That’ll help you find your way.
  3. Try a new game. There’s loads of new games out there to play. Some are good and some not so much. Give Sitting Ducks a shot, or make a wacky machine with Infernal Contraption. Why not see what board games out there fancy you?
  4. Visit your FLGS. After the holidays you may still have some extra $$. Head over to your FLGS, pick up that shiny box you’ve been wanting. Or, just get a game in. Maybe some 40k or Warmachine, perhaps a little Fantasy or Hordes. There’s LotR and Confrontation and AT-43 too. Maybe you’d like to do a Yu-gi-oh duel or lay the smack down in Magic.
  5. Paint your models. This is always on the back burner for me but sometimes finding the time to do this is the hardest part. You now have 30 minutes so get painting.
  6. Catch up on the articles here at the CWF Game Cast. January has seen lots of vid articles. Sit back, relax, and watch what’s new.

Once again I apologize for not having a podcast for you today. Once my Mac comes home everything will be back to normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding and as always keep on gaming!