Runequest Blood of Orlanth & Conan Players Guide to the Hyborian Age New Releases

It has been said that we do not spend much time on RPGs. This is sadly true. RPGs are a major area of gaming that take up a big piece of the pie. There are people far more knowledgeable on them than I who do a great job discussing them. However, we found out about a couple new releases you RPG fans will like.

Mongoose Publishing is well known for the roleplaying games it makes and two of its most popular are Runequest and Conan. I know several gamers who only step foot in Battleground Games to pick up the new Runequest and Conan books. If you’re looking for a new Runequest campaign or are a player looking for some Hyborian Age information these books are for you.

Runequest RPG Blood of Orlanth CampaignThe first is a new campaign for Runequest titled Blood of Orlanth costing $29.95. From the publisher Mongoose Publishing:

There is a legend that few Gloranthans will ever know. It tells how during the Godswar, in the land which is now called Dragon Pass, Orlanth was almost slain by one of the vile Chaos Gods that rose from the Void and threatened to extinguish all life in the world. To the Orlanthi, this is a foul lie. Yet to a minor, lone cult of the barbarians, it is a terrible truth and a secret shame – a secret they guard forever.

This campaign is designed for use with any of three factions – the Player Characters can be Orlanthi barbarians, or God Learner agents, or warriors of the Empire of Wyrm Friends. Each chapter presents the same events and challenges from three different perspectives. If using this campaign with existing characters, they should be trusted allies or sworn mercenaries for one of those three factions.

Conan RPG Player’s Guide to the Hyborian AgeThe second is a new player’s guide for Conan titled Player’s Guide to the Hyborian Age costing $39.95. From the publisher Mongoose Publishing:

The Player’s Guide to the Hyborian Age contains new races, feats and spells that can be used within the game, helping to make each character truly unique, with multiple equipment kits to allow characters to be properly attired either by their culture or location. Also included are indexes detailing where to find the spells and character options already published in other Conan supplements. The Player’s Guide to the Hyborian Age is an invaluable sourcebook for the Conan game, expanding upon the information provided in the main rulebook and other supplements to enhance the experience of adventuring in the Hyborian Age.

Both of these are now available at your FLGS. Be sure to stop by and pick them up. They retail for $29.95 (Blood of Orlanth) and $39.95 (Hyborian Age).