Warmachine Pirates and Mercenary New Releases

Privateer Press has just released two new models for Warmachine. These flesh out the mercenary line including the new Pirates army.

The first new release is Lady Aiyana & Master Holt. The second is the Sea Dog Gun Crew. Both are great additions to your pirate themed army.

You can purchase them at your friendly local gaming store or direct from Privateer Press. Be sure to have the PIP number for each item you wish to order if purchasing directly from Privateer Press.

If your FLGS doesn’t stock Warmachine be sure to have them special order these models for you. You can also ask them what you can do to help them stock Warmachine.

Warmachine Lady Aiyana & Master HoltLady Aiyana & Master Holt – $15.99

Consummate professionals, the Iosan spell-caster Lady Aiyana and her gunslinging bodyguard Master Holt add an air of mystery to the Talion. All that is known about them is that she deftly manipulates powerful magic unknown beyond her native land and that he wields his pistols with skill and cool dispassion that unnerves even hardened soldiers.

Lady Aiyana and Master Holt come in a blister (PIP 41055) and will not work for Cryx.

Warmachine Pirates Sea Dog Deck Gun CrewSea Dog Gun Crew – $16.99

No less devastating on land than at sea, Deck Gun Crews add a deadly punch to Privateer armies. Whether obliterating tightly packed formations or singling lone targets, Deck Guns provide Sea Dogs with the firepower to breach heavy defenses or sweep aside waves of enemies in the field.

The Sea Dog Deck Gun Crew comes in a blister (PIP 41056). A player may field two Deck Gun Crews for each warcaster in his army. The Sea Dog Deck Gun Crew will work for any faction.