Make Lizardmen More Realistic

In Warhammer Fantasy the Lizardmen army was re-released with a new army book and models not too long ago. As part of the flavor of the month approach, I know that many gamers picked up the Lizardmen and may even still play them. This new incarnation has expanded the army into more than just dinosaurs for Warhammer Fantasy. It has spread into all types of lizards and lizard-like animals. However, dinosaurs remain an important aspect of the army.

In the December 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine a great article covering odd dinosaurs is printed on pages 32-57. Accompanying this is a great online quiz entitled “Test Your Dino IQ: How much did you learn in school about dinosaurs that was all wrong?” Those who play Lizardmen will find this quiz interesting as a way to learn about dinosaurs and simultaneously improve their Lizardmen armies.

The artistic renderings, and photos of fossils, will inspire players to better convert their models. The quiz will help players create army lists that are more fluffy. Plus, it creates loads of opportunities for players to create their own dinosaur themed units for house play.

It is unusual for me to share content from a non-gaming source on this blog. However, this is proof that inspiration for gaming can be found everywhere. When you’re done taking the quiz why not head to your local library and borrow the December 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine (link to the Minuteman Library Network covering 41 cities and towns in eastern Mass) and see what other dino books they have that will help you with re-craft your Lizardmen army?