Robby Roadsteamer to Release Acoustic The Most Pretentious Album Since Axl’s

I’m sure that the title of this article has befuddled the regulars. Maybe you did a double take to make sure you’re at the CWF Game Cast where we discuss gaming…not music. Yep, the URL is so you must be in the right place. Then, why are we talking about Robby Roadsteamer and a CD release?

Ever since our podcast in 2006 we promoted anything local. We promoted local game stores, local gaming groups, local gamers, and local musicians. We’ve promoted Chester French, which started in Cambridge and have since been featured in the HBO hit series Entourage and are now signed by a major label. We’ve promoted Matthew Ebel who has created original compositions for Ikea, Bud Light, Crayola and local podcasts like the Manic Mommies. We are now happy to promote Robby Roadsteamer who is a regular on WBCN at night with Hardy.

Robby hit the Boston music scene running and received wide coverage on VH1 for his hit single I Put a Baby in You, which is one of my favorite songs he’s done. He is now stunning everyone by releasing yet another album, his 3rd in 9 months, and his 2nd acoustic project. The album is titled The Most Pretentious Album Since Axl’s, alluding to Axl Rose.

This album will be shared at Great Scott’s in Allston on February 25th at a CD listening party. If you’re at least 18, available 8pm on the 25th, and have $8 you must head to Great Scott’s and hear Robby’s new album. To commemorate the occassion we are proud to share his official trailer with you. Additionally, Robby will be featured, with his permission, in our Music to Game By segment on Thursday’s podcast. We will play a song from his previous acoustic album LRP for you.

Robby has a unique style blending his love of 8-bit video game systems, aka the NES, mini-golf, Boston, and music. I dare you to find another musician like Robby who loves doing what he does as much as he does. You can always get more information by going to Robby’s official website at Plus, you can hear Robby co-host WBCN with Hardy on Wednesdays and Fridays starting at 7pm. Be sure to send him some great Instant Feedback. Last but not least you can buy Robby’s albums at Newbury Comics, on iTunes, or his online store.

By way of disclaimer I must state that I am a member of Robby’s official Streamsteamer team that helps to spread awareness of his musical talent. I have not received any compensation for writing this article and my involvement with his street team has not influenced me to write this article.