White Dwarf #338 Quick Picks

We scoured the new WD and have chosen 5 Quick Picks for your perusal. If you hate reading the entire mag, have a short attention span, or just want the best here’s 5 sections you can’t miss. Our top pick is the Vampire Counts Design Notes article on page 18. It shows, in a nutshell, the great changes to the Vampire Counts army.
Don’t forget to read the complete table of contents for WD #338 from our article Inside White Dwarf #338 March 2008.

White Dwarf 338 Title: White Dwarf 338 Date: March 2008 Cost: $6

  1. March of the Dead: Design Notes p. 18-33. This briefly shows what the new Vampire Counts are all about. It is a cross between a chunk of an army book and an interview with those who designed the new take on the army. The images of the new models are stunning and the story behind the army is delightful. Even if you dislike Fantasy and the VC you’ll like this article.
  2. March of the Dead: Hour of the Dead p. 36-57. C’mon you had to expect that this month’s Quick Picks would be stuffed with Vampire Counts content. I’ve only been talking about the VC for weeks and said they’re my favorite army period. Batreps are great reading material and especially in the bathroom, don’t lie you do it too. This one was especially fun to read.
  3. Warhammer 40,000 Tactica: Fast Vehicles p. 68-73. I was torn between this or the following article on the Mumakil. I chose this and I’ll briefly tell you why but you can expect more on the subject from me in the podcast. Many gamers have a tough time properly using Fast Vehicles. They let them sit in one spot too long or they’re afraid of their “fragile” nature. More and more fast vehicles are coming out and showing their importance to armies. The Dark Eldar are most noteworthy for fast vehicles along with Space Marines for their bikes and landspeeders. It’d be nice for people to start using them properly.
  4. Painting Masters: Martin Footitt p. 90-94. Master sculptor and killer Golden Demon winner. Do I really have to say more? Seriously, look at pages 91, 93, and the Farseer on 94 and tell me I had to say more. You can’t do it can you?
  5. ‘Eavy Metal Showcase: Elves of Middle-Earth p. 96-99. The ‘Eavy Metal Showcase is nothing but gratuitous advertising with gigantic neon signs saying “We Kick Ass!” But, it is successful and inspires many to become great painters. The LotR Elves showcased this month are truly stunning. The LoTR models, in general, look superior to anything else GW produced at that time. This showcase captures that essence and broadcasts it for all to see. It shows why LoTR continues to be a hit in many areas of the world. Well, that and the big name and the story and the great rules. But I’m getting off track. Shiny models go look.