Star Wars Minis – Battle of Hoth Update

Last November we showed you the new Battle of Hoth scenario pack for SW Minis. It comes complete with a re-painted AT-ST, Hologram General Veers, Snowspeeder, and other figures. This includes 17 non-randomized figures (2 very rare, 6 rare, 4 uncommon, 5 common), map, rules, life counter sheet, and a d20.

At the time I hypothesized that your FLGS, friendly local gaming store, would soon be carrying them. I have to announce that I was wrong. I took a hiatus from the game and recently got back into it. After speaking with Derek Lloyd, owner of Battleground Games & Hobbies in Abington Mass, he informed me that the scenario pack is a Target exclusive.

Unfortunately it no longer shows up on the Target website but while perusing eBay, don’t go stealing them away from me, I noticed it selling for much more than I originally expected.

I’ve only seen this, so far, online at Arcane Miniatures where it is retailing for 31.50 GBP (MSRP of 35 GBP).

I am sure it will be coming to US retailers and at a lower price than the conversion of $73.19. I’m guessing that this set will retail in America for $44.99 or $49.99. That’s not bad when you think about it. It has two huge figs, plus 1 exclusive fig, and a ton of rares.

eBay has far surpassed that where it sells for anywhere from $64.99 to $89.99. Whether this is due to a diminished supply at Target or greedy sellers I don’t know. But, one thing is for certain. If you have this scenario pack don’t give it up. Unless it is to me for a good price.

The astronomical prices do pose an interesting problem for me. I wish to create a few displays and perhaps dioramas featuring SW Minis. One such display will depict events from the Battle of Hoth. The Battle of Hoth scenario pack is a shoo in purchase for my display. However, that no longer becomes affordable at $90 a pop.

I may have to lay off the Battle of Hoth idea and stick to my Jabba’s Palace quest. But, there’ll be more about that in another article dedicated to the topic.