World of Warcraft Mage Photo Essay

Ages ago I was bit by the WoW (World of Warcraft Burning Crusade) bug and then I fell off the wagon returning to real life.  Over the course of the past month I’ve returned to WoW with a new character and a new perspective.  I gotta do ’em all.  Quests that is.  I’m dedicated to doing all pertinent quests in an area before moving on to another while I level up, meet great people, and have a blast.

To share my joy I took a bunch of screenshots of my mage, Viktrious on Greymane, and open a contest to all of you.  You can use all the pictures to create a photo essay or take a few to use as you see fit (funny captions, mini-movie, whatever) and send them to me.  I’ll take all the good ones and share them on the blog.  The best one will get a surprise.

Be sure to send all that you do to me at cwfgamecast @  Without further adieu here’s the pics in no special order.