War at Sea: Battle for the Bahamas Battle Report

The Battle for the Bahamas is a scenario played at Battleground Games in Abington a few weeks ago by the regular War at Sea players.  One of our regulars, John the Industrious, crafted 3D airfields, with rules, to place on islands.  In addition he included rules, courtesy of WoTC, for shore batteries, which are supposed to appear in the next set if “confirmed internal rumors” are believable.  They usually are.

The game pitted an Allied force defending the Bahamas against an invading Axis force.  This 2 on 2 game arrayed John and Rick as the United States, fielding a 200 point joint carrier fleet, hoping to stop Cary and I as a German and Italian coalition fleet.  As the attackers we had to escort transports to the main island.  The transports had to unload their reinforcements, bolstering our small landing party, and in turn giving us objective points.  The Allies had to do the same thereby repelling the invaders and, at the same time, destroy our transports.

Below you can see the progression of the game in pictures.  The game ended with the Axis losing due to failure to protect the transports and also from superior Allied air power.  Half a dozen carriers tends to do that, though, so no surprise there.  Much appreciation goes to Ben for taking pictures of the game.  Thank you kindly good sir.