World War I and WWII Naval Miniatures Auction

 Our newest member, Garlieston, is a retiring wargamer from the United Kingdom.  Recently he contacted me to see if I could help him out.  He is selling off a lot of his gaming material, supplies, and items including models and board games.  Normally I’d politely decline because the CWF Game Cast is a New England focused gaming blog.  But, we are a global village and I’m always happy to help someone out across the pond.

Garlieston is auctioning his items over at, which is like eBay but it costs less for sellers.  You can find his auctions at Garlieston’s wargaming auctions where he has a lot of cool things for sale.

I asked him if he’d be kind enough to share some information on the items he’s selling.  Below you will find what he said.

I’m auctioning a very extensive range of WWI and WWII naval models, rules 
and a boardgame, Dreadnought, because I’m retiring from mainstream wargaming 
and its a shame to see these models unused.

The two auctions can be found at at the following address:  or 

The auctions are being held under the Toys and Hobbies section.

Briefly, the following items are being auctioned:-

WWI collection………………
136 metal alloy 1/3000 scale ship models (manufactured by Navwar)
General Quarters Wargames Rules Part 2 (two new copies)
SPI boardgame ‘Dreadnought: Surface Combat in the Battleship Era, 1906 to 45’

WWII collection…………………
227 metal alloy 1/3000 scale ship models        (manufactured by Navwar)
79 1/300 scale metal alloy scale model aircraft (manufactured by Navwar)
General Quarters Wargames Rules part 1 (2 copies)
Campaign scenarios for: Convoy PQ18, Convoy JW55B, North Sea Convoy June 1941

And all for £75 each whch is very reasonable for the quantity and quality of 
the models being auctioned, the rules, professionally researched scenarios and 
the boardgame.

Anyone buying these items will be able to instantly run a very exciting naval 
wargame – especially Convoy PQ18 which was the pivotal Arctic convoy battle of 



The naval miniatures in particular, we think, will be of interest to fans of War at Sea.  Please head over to and check out his auctions.  I’m sure you’ll find something very useful.