Combat Storm Free Download Sandbag Terrain

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Last August we shared information on a new FREE building pack for Combat Storm. We even shared a video tutorial, crafted by Dave Reiter, to show you how to construct the buildings in the pack.

Today I received another e-mail from Dave Reiter, one of the geniuses at Strategy Wave Studios that makes the game, about a new FREE download. You heard that correctly. Combat Storm players and would be players can download the free building pack. This pack lets you make sandbags perfect for any location.

Before you download the building pack be sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader as the pack is a pdf file. You can get Acrobat Reader, for FREE, at Adobe Acrobat Reader. I have version 8.1.1 for Mac OS X Leopard and the building pack shows perfectly!











According to Dave

I just wanted to let you and your site know that we’ve released another free papercraft terrain pack on our website. We decided to make sandbags, this time around, due to popular demand.  Also, the Official Combat Storm Online Store is back up and running with a new storefront. We currently have some really nice Green and Tan Army Tanks in stock and are waiting to receive some new Plastic Army Men in the near future.  Shipping is flat rate ($5 for U.S, $6 for International) and each additional item is $0.99.

The new Tanks are in limited supply. Check out the product pages below to
orders yours before they’re all sold out: