Chester French She Loves Everybody Music Video

Chester French, the famous Harvard duo we first shared with you back in December 2006 with Local Band: Chester French, has released their first music video. The video, which we’re sharing below, is on MTV heralding their first major label album due in stores March 31st.

The dynamic duo has turned music on its head with their ironic and inspective lyrics. Nothing about their music, their songs, or them is what it seems except one thing. They’re both incredibly nice guys. I’ve spoken with them through instant chat and e-mail and they’re truly delightful. They’re friendly and appreciative of the success they’re attaining.

Just recently I read an article about Peaches Geldof in Hello! magazine, which naturally discussed Maxwell Drummey, her husband. It is nice to see people grabbing onto love and not letting go like they have. Their music video addresses love and relationships in an interesting way. The lyrics to She Loves Everybody are innocent enough on the surface but the video provides a dichotomy listeners don’t get from the song alone.

At the start we see DA in almost cherubic fashion singing about his girl. This girl, the one he loves, then proceeds with masochistic actions. She pummels DA, she busts his lip, and gives him a thrashing. Nothing is safe in the video as even Maxwell, on guitar and drums, is assaulted resulting in the dismemberment of the drum set. Through it all DA manages a smile as his bow tie is violently askew and his brutalized body crumples to the floor. Yet, there is more than the literal meaning in this video. It symbolizes the damage we all inflict and receive in any relationship with the one we love. It shows that through it all love empowers us allowing us to smile through the pain.

This message is made more powerful by the minimalist set, which places the focus on Maxwell and DA and the girl. The video culminates in a cacophony of deconstructionism punctuated with a look of unadultered joy on the girl’s face. “I know she loves me; she loves everybody.” You can read another great review of Chester French’s first music video by Lindsay at the official MTV blog.


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