URGENT RELEASE: Danger Planet Games in Waltham CLOSING its Doors

The current economic crisis has hit one of the gaming cornerstones on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Danger Planet Games in Waltham will be closing its doors at its current location of 36 Spruce St at the end of this April.

This information was released in the official Danger Planet April 2009 Newsletter when owner, Brian Lasiewski, released the shocking news.  Danger Planet has always been a staple of the gaming community and is a focal point of the gaming community for miles around.  It is a store that got me into 40k, Heroclix, and Starship Troopers.  The news of its closing is very sad and has reverberated throughout the Massachusetts gaming community.

Although they are closing their current location we must point out that the store is not closing permanently.  Brian is evaluating the situation and looking for new storefront possibilities.  If you know of a great location, preferably in Waltham, please contact Brian by e-mailing him at swordbrethren @ yahoo dot com.  Until that time Danger Planet will be featuring a massive SALE of all product.

Hello All,


Through the talent and dedication of the Danger Planet Games and Hobbies community, staff, and leadership we have together established a most unique and special gaming and shopping experience over the last seven and a half years of which we can all take great pride. Together we have never been averse to meeting any challenge. Our collective endurance as a community is now being tested at a previously unengaged level as we are confronted by a multitude of compelling challenges; most significant among them being the imminent sale of the building housing our store. This issue, when set against the backdrop of the current economic climate and an impacted volume of sales, has forced a difficult decision that does not in any way diminish the contributions we have all made to support the store and its community. In order to best preserve and continue what we have founded, the leadership of Danger Planet Games and Hobbies has decided to close its current location at 36 Spruce Street in Waltham, Massachusetts as of the end of April 2009.


Although the store is closing we are not “going out of business”. We are simply taking the most responsible action that we can under the current circumstances. Plans are in development to maintain support to our community until we can secure a new location and reopen. In the meantime, Danger Planet’s website, http://www.dangerplanetgames.com will remain in operation at fully capacity. Additional details will be announced as they become finalized. 


****Spring Cleaning Sale****

From now through the end of April Danger Planet is hosting a “Spring Cleaning” sales event. All in-stock merchandise is on sale for at least 40% off regular retail price. This discount will not combine with any other discount available through club participation, receipt collection, etc. and will not be applied to any special orders or newly released items. 


Good gaming,


You can find out more about the Spring Cleaning Sale and the store closing by going to the Store Closing Discussion thread on the  official Danger Planet Games Online Messageboard.  To Brian and the entire DP staff I wish to offer my sincere thanks for these many years of great gaming along with my best wishes and prayers for a re-opening at a new location as soon as possible.