Flames of War – Panzerkompanie Mid-War Update

As with many things I’ve taken a hiatus from my Flames of War mid-war Panzerkompanie army. Between the time I wrote Flames of War: Panzerkompanie Journal and earlier today not much changed.

Tonight that changed…slightly.  I made some miniscule progress but more than I’ve accomplished on this in ages.

I pried off the turrets from all my assembled tanks.  Had to repair some assembly with more glue but all in all not bad.

One of my fellow historical gamers (we play War at Sea a lot) looked at one of my tanks out and commented that it, and my completed tanks, look “good” but the one he looked at is really too glossy.  I must have used a varnish on it to see what happens.  I’ll need to do another layer of ink, or two, plus some drybrushing to remove a lot of the gloss.  Then there’s the highlighting on the treads (maybe I can just drybrush that), the gluing of static grass and of course adding unit numbers and the iron cross onto the hull of it and then that Panzer III G will have rolled off the assembly line.

Not many more to go after that.  I have 1 Panzer III G that needs to be finished (it is further along than the glossy one).  And there’s 1 Panzer III G that is primed but needs everything else.

After that I have 3 more Panzer III Gs to assemble and paint.  Then paint 2 Kfz 70 trucks (I’m not actually needing to use them because my troops fit in everything else but maybe I can use them as objectives or something).  And when that is done I have the Scout platoon on bikes (yay BMW bikes).  The very last thing is the Panzergrenadier Platoon who need to be cleaned, assembled, and painted.  Actually, the very last thing is finding the tank commanders, cleaning them, assembling them, and painting them.  Without those guys my tanks are driving around with a limited field of vision.

Maybe over the coming weeks I’ll be able to work some more on my tanks.  They are beautiful models and it’d be a shame to leave them gathering dust in my army transport.