War at Sea Stat Cards Galleries Finished and Flank Speed Releases

The Base Set and Task Force Stat Card Galleries are finished! The digitization project began July 2008 when I shared the War at Sea: Task Force Picture Card Gallery.  It continued in August 2008 when I began the War at Sea: Picture Card Gallery.  During the over 1 year long project I received more e-mails, instant messages, comments, and message board posts about this project than anything else in my 3+ years of blogging.

The response has been overwhelming and incredible.  Thank you!  As I promised many moons ago the scanning of the Base Set stat cards would be finished before Flank Speed hits the shelves.  I purposefully elongated this project to keep you, the gamer, in suspense.  My scheme worked.  Flank Speed officially releases on September 1st.  If you don’t believe me, and with the repeated delays I wouldn’t blame you, go to the official Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea Flank Speed website.  It has that September 1st date boldly printed in black.

You can find the completed stat card galleries in their usual place.  Go to Base Set Stat Card Gallery for that.  You will find all of the newly scanned high resolution 600dpi images of the Axis along with the before seen Allies.  Then go to Task Force Stat Card Gallery to see the crisp scans of the 2nd set.

I am already gearing up to scan in the stat cards from Flank Speed.  As soon as I have the complete set I will begin digitizing them.  Flank Speed releases on September 1st and I should have the entire set that day (unless it takes more than 2 cases of boosters to complete the set and if that happens I will be blogging my frustration).

Thank you for your encouragement, your involvement, your questions, and your support.  Special thanks must go to the wonderful community at Axis & Allies ForuMINI, Tibernius and enabrantain.  I could not have digitized sets 1 and 2 without it.