3rd Annual Warhammer 40k Megabattle Pictures

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Here are the promised pictures from Battleground Games’ 3rd Annual Warhammer 40k Megabattle.  Earlier we live-blogged the event  sharing remarks from the participants along with our own observations.

We took 200+ pictures over 4 hours.  Unfortunately a bunch of them were dreadful so we deleted those leaving behind 150+ decent pictures.  As usual we are putting the call out to all others who have pictures from the event.  We wish to share them in this single location for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Even after that a lot of them are poorly exposed or blurry.  The camera I used wasn’t my usual and that resulted in some dreadful pictures.  I’m hoping Photoshop can clean them up enough transforming them into something decent.  Rather than make you wait for the finished product I share the first shots here.

If you have any pictures please contact me at cwfgamecast@wargamingforums.com.  Or feel free to call, txt, IM, post on the BG forums, or let me know in person.

2 Comments on “3rd Annual Warhammer 40k Megabattle Pictures”

  1. Arjan


    Looks like one hell of a fight! I’m trying to organize a megabattle in march of 2011 and I’m looking for advice on how. So if you have any (as much as possible) advice, it’s more than welcome. You can e-mail me at arjanbeens at gmail dot com

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      Hi Arjan. I didn’t organize that megabattle. The person you want to contact is Derek Lloyd at derek at battlegroundgames dot com. He is the owner of a local game store that does gigantic megabattles. These pics are from when he rented out a ballroom in a local hotel and everyone played and stayed there. When you e-mail Derek please tell him that Jonathan at the CWF Game Cast sent you and I’m sure he’ll give you the help you need.