3rd Annual Warhammer 40k Megabattle for Battleground Games

Reporting live from the third annual 40k megabattle hosted by Battleground Games in Abington.

The event is wrapping up it’s fifth turn and the game as well. The forces of Disorder have made a win by their opponents impossible by obliterating all enemy troops on the Moon table.

They credit their success to a gigantic Titan and superior intelligence. The battle wages on in the sewers where Order is slowly decimating evil’s vile stench. Or maybe that is the decomposing bodies.

The gigantic center table is up for grabs despite a valiant struggle from the Imperium’s air force.

We have tons of pics to share once their uploaded. Hopefully we’ll soon have the results. As always we eagerly wait the video footage.

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  1. ^Raven^ Post author

    Here’s an update to the battle. Host organizer Derek Lloyd says we can’t cart Order to their grave just yet. The fighting on the center table remains intense. “It is up in the air” says Lloyd.

    The gamers are packing up their armies from the side tables as all eyes focus on the planet’s surface.

    Who will claim victory? How many will die to control this vital objective? Will Steve D reign supreme? Only time will tell.

  2. ^Raven^ Post author

    It is 7:08pm and nearly 12 hours after the battle comenced awards are being given out.

    Best Modeled/Painted-Paul Gaughran’s mobile objective
    Master of Objectives-Alex Knowles & Steve Riley
    First Casaulty-Brandon Dufresne
    Most Awesome Act of Awesome-Bryan Magnuson
    Steve D. Award-Steve D.
    Mutiny-Nate Stilgoe
    Overkill-Nick Hough & Mike Do
    Epic Last Stand-Bob Butler
    Best Use of a Strategic Asset-
    Super Heavies?/We Don’t Need No Superheavies-Dave Haber-Mattie
    super heavies?/we don’t need no superheavies-Dave haber-Mattie

    pics of the recipients to follow

  3. ^Raven^ Post author

    Disorder gamer Rick James just talked with me and is predicting a win for Order. He credits this to them keeping a significant portion of special characters behind their own lines. “They didn’t lead from the front. If you have this really awesome model you should use him” says James.

    The fighting winds down and Derek prepares to hand out the awards. Even when the fighting ends the festivities will continue late into the night over good food and a tasty pint. After all isn’t that what events like this are all about?

  4. ^Raven^ Post author

    The Moon and Sewer tables are cleared. Slowly the fighting subsides. Little do the gamers know how close the outcome is. Our earlier report of a Disorder win is no longer true. With the Emperor’s guidance Order wins.

    Now the results. Chase says every objective was relative

    moon order gets 4pts
    moon disorder gets 34.6pts

    planet syrface
    order gets 32.07pts
    doisorder gets 13.3

    order gets 14.17
    disorder 3.3

    order 50.24

  5. ^Raven^ Post author

    It was a fun event. Don’t worry the pics will be uploaded soon. There’s a lot I’ve taken and plenty more from everyone else. Thanks for reading and check back in 2011 for the 4th annual megabattle. We also have to give a big thanks to the Holiday Inn Rockland for providing a great facility for this year’s game.