Space Hulk Limited Edition: Thoughts

Recently a friend of mine purchased the Space Hulk Limited Edition and invited me to square off in a 1 vs 1 match.  I’m familiar with the second edition of the game and thought it’d be fun to play this limited edition.  It was.

There’s been a lot of hype and reviews of the game.  Most of the reviews I’ve seen have great things to say.  The Table Top Battlefield podcast did an entire episode (Season 3 Episode 19 (listen here)) reviewing the game with several of the hosts declaring it a contender for game of the year.

Playing this with my friend was a lot of fun.  The tiles look nice, the models are expertly sculpted, the printing is good, and game play is a blast.  But, I have one huge concern with this game.  The lack of value.

The game retails for $99 (or $105.19 with tax in Massachusetts).  The price point is too high for this game.

I’ve shared my sentiments with friends and gamers at my local game store.  Inevitably I’m told “you get over $200 worth of models for just $100” and “what do you expect from a limited edition?”

Yes the models may be “worth” $200 but their dynamic poses and incredible sculpting makes them only usable for Space Hulk.  This game is set in the 40k universe but none of the models can be used in 40k games.  That negates, for me, the “$200 worth of models” argument.

Games Workshop chose to make this a limited edition.  That does not mean the value of this game should automatically increase.  I actually doubt how limited this limited edition will be.  I think sales will be good enough to warrant another production run.  Plus, the cost of plastic molds is incredibly high.  It is bad business for GW to spend so much money on those molds only to use them this once.

The game IS fun.  It is a great way to spend an evening with some friends.  On the surface it is simple but only a cunning mind can make the most out of the game.  But, it is simply too costly.  GW should have priced this game for $50-$75, which is on par with the Assault on Black Reach 40k starter box.

The price point is why I cannot call this game of the year.  It isn’t even in the running.  Great games are not only well made and a blast to play.  They have the entire package including an appropriate price for what is provided.  Space Hulk Limited Edition fails in this regard.