Server Move = Potential Downtime

We are hosted by BlueHost, which is a wonderful hosting service for blogs running WordPress.  They have informed me that they will be moving us to another less populated server within 48-72 hours.  The server we are currently on is getting fuller and BlueHost wants to ensure that they provide optimal service.  They will try to do the actual move overnight to minimize the impact.

We will be actively monitoring the situation during the move.  There shouldn’t be any hiccups, BlueHost is very good, but any server move comes with some risks ranging from data loss to extended downtime.

During the move there may be some problems accessing the blog.

BlueHost says

During migration the IP address attached to your domain name will be changed from your old server IP to your new server IP.  This will cause a temporary interruption in email, ftp, and the visibility of your website.

This window of interruption occurs because most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) take 24-72 hours to clear their Cache.

Although this window could last approximately 24-72 hours it typically only lasts 48 hours before your site becomes fully functional again. Your web browser (IE, Firefox, Netscape) has a Cached version of your site stored on your local system. In some cases it will help if you clear your browser cache.

We will let everyone know when we are running on our new server.  Until then please don’t worry if you encounter errors visiting the blog.

1 Comment on “Server Move = Potential Downtime”

  1. ^Raven^ Post author

    The server move finished on the 7th. Everything migrated properly. The only hiccup was it took extra time for our e-mail to properly register with the new DNS.

    If you sent us any e-mail between Sunday October 4th and Wednesday October 7th we may NOT have received it. Please resend. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.