Battleground Games Plainville Update

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We have new pictures chronicling Battleground Games Plainville’s renovations. These showcase the installment of merchandising hardware along with the anti-Apple Store color scheme. We communicated with Derek Lloyd, owner of Battleground Games, about the new store. Here’s what he had to say:

The new location is actually 1,733 sq ft. The Abington store was sold to me at 1,800 sq ft, but it definitely is NOT that size. The blocky structure in the middle of the store and the strange floor pattern that it creates makes it even less usable space-wise. The new location is at least as much square footage (probably more) and it’s a beautiful, wide-open, rectangular room that allows us to really make some amazing play-space.

The Plainville location is 25 Taunton Street in Plainville (click to see the location courtesy of Mapquest). If you’re in the area and want to lend a hand, then they’d love to put you to work.