Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend

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Today marks the start of Tax Free Weekend for Massachusetts. Many consumers use this to purchase big appliances and electronics such as refrigerators and flat screen TVs. Us gamers can also make the most of it by purchasing items we normally couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Some board games, Tides of Iron or Agricola come to mind, are particularly expensive. Why not save yourself 6.25% and pick one up from your FLGS? Or, perhaps you want to jump into one of those expensive tabletop games like Warhammer Fantasy and 40k? Been thinking of buying a case of collectible miniatures? A load of CCGs? Now’s your chance.

All retail locations in Massachusetts are waiving sale tax and some are being more inventive. The Whiz in Westborough is giving a 6.25% discount to all non-sale merchandise (including prepaid pre-orders) in addition to the tax free status. That amounts to a whopping 12.5% savings, which makes for a good reason to head onto Route 9 (they’re located on Rte 9 East between the BJs and Bernie & Phyl’s).

Are there any stores near you doing interesting things for tax free weekend?