Battleground Games Carpets Plainville

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Battleground Games & Hobbies has carpeted Plainville…literally. New photos released on their Facebook group show the installation of a grey carpet.

The photos accompany some details on the store’s configuration. One of the captions informs us of the location for CCGs and card sleeves. Don’t you think the BG logo would look awesome on that black wall? We are sure that more details are forthcoming. In the meantime check out the below pictures and don’t forget to visit the Plainville location at 25 Taunton Street (map courtesy of Mapquest).

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  1. ^Raven^ Post author

    I updated the gallery with even more pictures released today. The newest pictures, which are at the bottom of the gallery, show the XBOX 360 gaming center. I have decided to make that corner my home. It looks comfortable enough to nap in, read a book, and there’s sure to be power outlets for me to recharge the iPad when necessary.