War at Sea: Set 5 Announced, Named, and Date of Release

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War at Sea’s Set V will be here before you know it. It was officially announced, named, and a release date provided. This new set, one I never thought we’d see, is named Fleet Commander. It is composed of 40 units, focusing on the engagements and nationalities of the Baltic. Boosters will set for $14.99 each, which is the same MSRP for boosters from the previous sets. According to Wizards of the Coast’s official release schedule this is due out on Friday, December 17, 2010. That is the Friday the week before Christmas.

There is no guarantee that the set will be released on that date because Wizards has been known to change the release schedule to better fit their needs. But, they’d need a compelling reason to do so now that retailers have been given that date.

We do not know what all of the units will be in this set. There has been supposition floating around as to what will and will not be in the set. Luckily we do know what will be appearing. Some of this was made public at Gencon and some was revealed in various postings on Richard Baker’s official blog.

No confirmed nationality
R Hybrid Battleship/Carrier (new sculpt, presumably the Ise/Hyuga)


UC – Atlantis – Merchant cruiser raider (GenCon & Blog)
C – TA-25 – DD (GenCon) (Pegaso Reprint)

R – Kaga – CV (GenCon & Blog)
UC? – Chitose – Seaplane Carrier (GenCon & Blog)

C – ORP Blyskawica – DD (GenCon & Blog)

Soviet Union
R – Sovyetskiy Soyuz – BB (GenCon & Blog)
C – Il Sturmovik – Plane (GenCon & Blog)
Soviet Sub (name not revealed) (GenCon)

United States
R – USS Quincy – Baltimore Reprint – CA (GenCon & Blog)
C – USS Bagley – DD (GenCon & Blog)

Future units/nations not confirmed to any given set

Not confirmed nationality
Victory Ship (GenCon)
Minesweeper (GenCon)

Java light cruiser (GenCon)

Atlantic Breakout Bismark or Tirpitz (GenCon)

UC Jintsu sistership

Java (GenCon)

United States
R USS Hornet (Enterprise/Yorktown Reprint) (GenCon)
R Late War Enterprise w/ Night Fighter SA (GenCon)

Thailand (GenCon)