War at Sea at Battleground Games Plainville

Raven's Avatar
This Wednesday night a group of us will be playing War at Sea at the new Battleground Games & Hobbies store in Plainville (25 Taunton Street).

There should be half a dozen or more of us battling it out across the seven seas. This will be the first time a larger group of people will be playing War at Sea at the new location in Plainville. Additionally, it is the first time that most of us will be using any of the models from Condition Zebra.

We will be playing both 100pt and 200pt games with the festivities starting around 7 or 7:30pm. If you are in the area and either want to learn how to play or want to join in the fun then please come on by.

If you don’t have any War at Sea items (or don’t have “enough”) do not despair. I have enough stuff to share with everyone. I’ve purchased at least two cases of every set (only one case of CZ) and 4+ cases of some sets. That is over ten cases worth of stuff that I am happy to let others use while we game.

This should be a fun and hopefully regular occurrence in Plainville.