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The Whiz Store has been very busy on Twitter and Facebook. They’ve announced so many things we decided it is easier to share them all in a roundup than a bunch of smaller blog posts.

The next “black box” delivery is including Dark Eldar for 40k. The Whiz is looking for skillful painters to help them out by painting up some demo models. The codex, a Raider, some bikers, and a warrior troop are in the box.

The third D&D Heroscape expansion, Moltenclaw’s Invasion, is coming out in November. You can pre-order it at the store.

Groundwerks is making some great bases for Warmachine/Hordes and Wyrd. They have new snow bases in 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm at the store. They are clear inserts molded in the shape of rocks with snow on them. You get to paint the rock faces and drybrush the snow areas white for a great wintery effect.

The rules for Warmachine/Hordes Shattered Grounds have been posted. The new rules are in effect at the store.

You can playtest the new Warmachine/Hordes steamroller rules and find plenty of opponents at the store to help you out.

The board game shelves have been stocked with Dominion: Prosperity, Betrayal on the House on the Hill, and also Arkham Horror.

A great chess set for the beginner is now on the shelves. First Chess includes a vinyl board, triple weighted men, double queens, and a canvas tote. Sounds like a nice package.

They have restocked Ascension after running out due to heavy play and purchasing. If you like deckbuilding games you need to give this a try.

A slew of Flames of War early war products have hit the shelves. Be sure to grab your’s before someone else does. This includes Pak36s, Panzer 38t, and BMW Motorcycles but no Stukas. You can also get some American decals, the GE180 Flammwagen B-2(f) (believe it is the same as the Char B) and the R-35 when it is reprinted in a French blister later this year (the other two are available now).

The Whiz alerted me to Black Library Free eBook Fridays. Be sure to go to Black Library eBooks for more information.

Don’t forget the High Elves Magic tactica for WFB.

Finally, there are two new board games to mention. The first is a new Trivial Pursuit titled Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It. Players bet on getting the right answer. It is possible to win without knowing the answers to all the questions as long as you know the people you’re playing with (like Apples to Apples).

The second is Sneaks and Snitches. The Whiz compares it to Ocean’s 11 or Leverage in that this game has you heading up an elite cadre of thieves picking to make your ill-gotten fortune by stealing gold, artifacts, jewelry, or information. It sounds fun.

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