Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games

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Dystopian Wars is the latest title from Spartan Gamers, makers of the fantasy themed naval game Uncharted Waters, and the models look amazing!

It is set in a steampunk 1870’s Victorian era with the major nationalities at war. It introduces four playable factions with a fifth, Covenant of Antartica, top secret one found in the rulebook. The four non-secret factions are the Prussian Empire, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Kingdom of Britannia, and Federated States of America.

The world is at war and you can check it out for yourself at the official Dystopian Wars World Map.

The game releases November 2010 at a reasonable price point (rulebook has a MSRP of $31.99). Below are pictures of the starter sets for each of the four starting nations. The models are strongly detailed and crafted from resin and metal.

Check out these awesome pictures (click on them for a larger version) and be sure to ask your FLGS to stock this game. I think I’ll pick up some.

Price Points
Battle Group (aka Starter) $54.99 for 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, 9 Frigates, 2 Bombers, plus tokens, sheets, and stat cards.

Battleship $14.99 for 1 Battleship

Cruisers $17.99 for 3 Cruisers

Frigates $9.99 for 6 Frigates

Carriers $23.99 for 1 Carrier

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