Tom Barbalet Joins CWF Game Cast

Raven's Avatar
In Episode 37 of our podcast I announced a bunch of changes. Foremost among those was our return to podcasting. Tom Barbalet, of Noble Ape fame, will be joining our team as my co-host on the podcast. He runs several amazing podcasts including Ape Reality, dealing with the Noble Ape simulation, Biota, on A.I, Model Rail Radio, a live call-in model railroading podcast, and Stone Ape, a philosophical discussion format featuring Heron Stone.

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge along his witty and friendly personality. He also seems to know something about just about everything!

I am delighted to announce his involvement with the podcast and with CWF Game Cast. I could tell you more about Tom but instead I’ll direct you to a Youtube video he made introducing himself to Noble Ape visitors.