The Gate Stormers Podcast Debuts February 2011

The Gate Stormers is a brand new gaming podcast from southeastern Massachusetts run by my friend Drew McCarthy. Drew has been a long time friend and fan of this blog and podcast. He loves to game and was inspired enough by what we do to make his own podcast.

Drew is ironing out the details but he says that it will be an explicit podcast covering a myriad of gamer friendly topics. Highlights will include gamer health, the gamer as host, and reviews. The Gate Stormers will debut sometime in February 2011 as a collective project of area gamers. Drew is in my monthly D&D game and he is sure to unashamedly give you his honest opinion.

Additionally, Drew will be the featured guest on a future episode of Monty and the Fox’s Wargaming Show to coincide with his podcast’s debut.

The Gate Stormers website is under development. Be sure to check there often for their progress updates.

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