CWF Game Cast Episode 62: The Battle of Abington

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases a short show. The episode begins, unusually, with Dispatches from HQ. This is the LAST episode before Jonathan’s move. New episodes will officially commence on September 1st, but might appear sooner if possible. After the move the show will have one other change. It will now be a bi-weekly hour long show.

No Badger No Gnome, Drew McCarthy’s revitalized gaming podcast, will hit this RSS feed after the move. Jonathan will be a co-host along with Slandy Cherflis.

The bulk of this episode is devoted to the Battle of Abington. This was a custom scenario created by Adrian Benson for Cort, Jonathan, and he to play with Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules. The trio met at Battleground Games & Hobbies in Abington to play using the models they have finished painting.

Jonathan fielded one American militia regiment and one Continental artillery battery. Adrian teamed up with Cort. Cort brought two British infantry regiments and Adrian used one small Hessian musketeer regiment. The battle is discussed, mis-steps announced, and rules mentioned. You can read battle reports at Black Powder AWI demo game (from the Hessian point of view) and The Battle of Abington (American point of view). Further discussion of the game can be found on this blog or by joining the Black Powder Wargamers of New England Yahoogroup.

The Name The Podcast Contest Deux is mentioned. Submissions are coming in but it is still possible to enter your ideas! Please e-mail them to, leave a comment on Facebook or on this blog. One person will win a prize basket that includes a 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO BATTLEGAMES MAGAZINE (courtesy of Henry Hyde, Editor of Battlegames Magazine), plus other prizes. Please check out Name the Podcast Deux for full details and information.

The Huzzah Con T-Shirt Giveaway, shirts courtesy of Dean Emmerson and the Maine Historical Wargamers Association, lasts until the last shirt is given away. The first 5 people to e-mail win a FREE Huzzah 2011 Viking Dawn T-shirt. The available sizes are 1 XXL and 4 Larges. Include your t-shirt size and mailing address in the e-mail. Take a peek at this picture of Jonathan wearing the con t-shirt.

The show concludes with a mention that The Whiz, Rte 9 East in Westborough, is moving! They will move 2 miles closer to 495. See The Whiz is Moving for full details. They will be at their new location as of September 1st. Until then they are offering 15-50% off everything in store. Jonathan used this opportunity to stock up on TONS of Dystopian Wars stuff including the rulebook, game cards, Prussian Empire battle box, Prussian Empire bombers, and the Prussian Pflicht Scoutship blister.

As always we conclude with a message from our sponsor,, contest sponsor Battlegames Magazine, our Creative Commons license and contact information (find us on Facebook and Twitter).

We hope you enjoy this episode of the CWF Game Cast and are eager for your feedback (both positive remarks and constructive criticism). Send it all to cwfgamecast at wargamingforums dot com. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Xbox Live with gamertag cwfgamecast.

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