TOTALCON 26 – Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek PICS

I know you’ve been reading the TotalCon postings on here and hopefully you’ve been enjoying them. As a reward you will find pictures, below, from the Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek game that Adrian B., Cort N., and I ran. I am the fat kid in the blue Wargaming Recon shirt. Adrian took the pictures but you’ll have to excuse their quality. He was focused on being overall umpire while Cort and I served as guides for the Confederates and Union respectively.

2 Comments on “TOTALCON 26 – Daybreak at Hangman’s Creek PICS”

  1. Cort Naegelin


    Adrian’s photos are great. You have to consider the conditions he was working under. Unfortunately, No Winny the Poo. I am still sorry that I was so deaf as a stump.

    Cort N

    1. Jonathan J. Reinhart Post author

      I’m wondering if next year, if we do this again, if there should be a designated photographer in addition to the three of us. My wife has a cousin who is a budding, and good, photographer. Maybe he can be persuaded, by a pint or two, to join us to visually capture the experience.