Ask a TotalCon Director ANYTHING

That’s right! Tomorrow evening I am interviewing Angelia Heroux, PR Director for TotalCon, for the next episode of Wargaming Recon. We will be discussing gaming, geekiness, and TotalCon.

This is YOUR chance to ask Angelia a question. Please submit your question(s) to me no later than 3pm EST TOMORROW (March 1, 2012). Send them via e-mail to, post them as a comment to THIS blog post, Tweet them to me @cwfgamecast, or post them to the Facebook page.

I may pick your question(s) to ask Angelia. You’ll be attributed in the show and have your name heard by all Wargaming Recon listeners!

So act now. This is a limited time offer, etc etc.

P.S. Please keep questions pertinent to gaming, etc. Although it is ok to ask Angelia how she plans to survive the zombie apocalypse.