10 Years of Wargaming Recon – Wargaming Recon #165

Discover listener’s favorite episodes of Wargaming Recon.  Jonathan shares his fondest memories and reveals a humbling announcement about the show in this special 10th anniversary episode.

The longest-running tabletop wargaming podcast on the planet

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Through his research Neil discovered the 3 longest-running shows are Drop Pod Cast, his Meeples & Miniatures, and Wargaming Recon.  Neil also said according to dates on the feeds Wargaming Recon takes first place by 6 days and it has been around 6 months longer than Meeples & Miniatures.  Other podcasts like the Dice Tower, This Week in Tech, & The Adam Carolla Show, for example, have been around longer but, they’re not tabletop wargaming podcasts.

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Brief History of Wargaming Recon

When the show began began it had a different name.  A contest resulted in the Wargaming Recon name. It also had an unusual release schedule for the 2007 podcasting season.  But, Dan Carlin released two episodes almost six months apart in 2015.

 New Name the Show Contest September 2011

This means this is the 101st episode to use the new name. Have to thank contest winners Cort & Andrew (may Andrew rest in peace) for the show’s name.

 Jonathan’s Favorite Memories

  • Episode 58: Henry Hyde and Battlegames Magazine

    Henry Hyde’s first guest appearance.  He helped me to get into historical wargaming.  Without him I’m not sure I’d be playing historicals.  He’s kindly supported contests on the show and been a willing recurring guest.

  • TotalCon appearances & coverage

    This has become an annual tradition except for the year my daughter was born.  Con organizers have welcomed me like family and I’ve used that to create better episodes for listeners. I have made contacts with lots of people who’ve been guests on the show & it has led to Wargaming Recon being the flagship tabletop wargaming podcast for the TSR Podcast Network

Some of the amazing people I’ve networked with are: Angelia Parenteau, Steve Parenteau, Ben & Jenn Gerber, Jay & Renee Libby, Peter “Blix” Bryant, Mike Kafes, James Carpio, Mary Lindholm, Tim Kask, Frank Mentzer, Brenden of Crossroad Games, Gordon & Denise of Adler Boardgame Cafe, Mike Paine, listeners Patrick and Dan, and too many others

  • My friendship with Andrew Malcolm.

    Andrew and I chatted a lot.  He was legally blind due to diabetes.  Andrew loved wargaming but couldn’t do it any longer due to his failing eyesight.  Instead, he got his wargaming fix by listening to podcasts that discussed that topic. We discussed everything including topics I normally don’t talk about.  Although we never met I felt as if we knew each other better than if we had. I like to think he found joy amidst his pain by listening to this show. One thing he wanted to do was spread his love of wargaming.  He wanted to teach kids how to play wargaming and to make the world a little better. That has stuck with me and is one of the many reasons why communicating with all of you is so important.  It is also why I chose to use the show as a means to give back to the community.

Listener Mail

Splitting it up today.  Sharing some of your fave memories & thoughts now and at end of the episode.

Via E-mail (send mail to jonathan @ wargamingrecon.com):

  • Listener Dave said “Well done buddy If you could keep up the show for the next 10, I’d appreciate it. It’d sure help clear this lead mountain of mine KEEP ON GAMING!!!!!!!”
  • Recurring guest Neil Shuck of Meeples & Miniatures sent an audio message that you can hear near the end of the episode.

Via our Facebook Page:

  • Listener Jamie said “I love your show, You’ve covered so very, very many different topics it’s been really hard to choose a fave episode. I loved when you covered making a gaming table, painting armies with a spray can, a couple of kickstarters, all sorts.  I think I started listening to Wargaming Recon at about episode 105 [Wargame Holidays Centre with Jon & Diane Sutherland], but it’s hard to be sure as I’ve gone back and heard so many old episodes. Your ability to carry an episode on your own is fantastic, a real strength. But with an interview your show takes off. Many are great, I liked hearing about Nautical gaming, and Henry Hyde’s shows are always fun. The best though, I think, was episode 123, The Great Wargaming Survey summary. Thanks for the great years of show.
  • Two-time guest Jay Libby of Dilly Green Bean Games sent a video message.  You can hear the audio at the end of this episode.  Patreon backers will get the full video through our Patreon campaign.

Wargaming Recon is dedicated to the memory of long time listener Andrew who helped to give the show its name.  I ask all listeners to join me in a moment of silence in Andrew’s honor.

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Great Wargaming Survey 2016

Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy magazine shared a video of my daughter and me asking you to take the 2016 Great Wargaming Survey.
Hope you enjoy the video and also take the survey.

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