Listener Convention Pet Peeves – Wargaming Recon #182

In episode 179 Jonathan revealed his 5 convention pet peeves. After it aired, listeners responded with some of their own.  We received so many that we decided to do an entire episode on it. Now sit back and relax and listen to the sound of the grinding of the gears!

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Listener Pet Peeves

  • Listener Graydon said “Asking for a table in the main room because you need a big space, they put you in a tiny room…wander into the main room and see a dozen empty tables that you could have used.”
  • Listener Jonathan (not our Jonathan) said “organisers charging demo gamers to get in.”
  • Listener Alan said “There aren’t enough of them in Maine.”
  • Listener Derik said “That guy eating greasy food and picking up my miniatures without asking.”
  • Listener Guy said “1) The nose picker 2) The smelly and unkempt 3) The nitpicker 4) The Anachronistic Anarchist 5) The sneaky mover 6) The Polemicist 7) The smelly, greasy food eater 8) The guy bumping into the table 9) The chronic wee-wee breaker 10) Ruler tapper 11) Incredible Hot Chick (kidding, never happens)”
  • Listener Derik said “‘The Tactician’ That’s the guy who interrupts your game to ask you why you didn’t do this, why you aren’t doing this, didn’t you see this?””
  • Listener Rob said “What happened to the giant backpack wearers (blocking the aisles) or turning round and knocking folks over as they do?”
  • Listener Allen said “Oh, I would so love to participate in this one. But when I go to conventions I am representing my company. So I have to say that everyone there is just wonderful and I love them all.”
  • Listener Joseph “No play testing which results in epic tabletop failure. Move for 3 hours talk for an hour. Help pick up an awesome looking game and wonder why you did it to yourself all over again.”
  • Listener Kevin said “Tables that are not level or do not properly ‘butt’ against one another. Misleading game descriptions. At HMGS-E conventions you can pre-register for a game long before it starts. GMs who never shut up. Broken or non-existent exhaust fans in the public Men’s Room. The guy who shows up with a little kid and says “This is Sheldon. He is eight. I signed him up to play this game. I’ll be back when the game is over.” And then leaves us to babysit (true story). Getting married. Going to a hotel for your honeymoon. Finding it filled with wargamers. (Hey….the sword cuts both ways). Sitting at the hotel bar. wanting a bit of peace and quiet. Only to have a hyperactive, extroverted loudmouth plop down on the bar-stool next to you and recount every single die-roll of the past 8 years. GMs who make sound effects. GMs that “squeeze” their game onto a smaller sized table. Players who argue with the GM.”
  • Listener Peter said “Know it all GEEKS”
  • Listener Mark said “Piss poor lighting.”
  • Listener Guy said “Occasionally, I will liquidate a small portion of my extensive 20mm collection at HGMS – Lancaster PA. I love what I now call “price jackals” or “lowballers” that counter offer my already reasonable prices with ridiculously low offers. It becomes comical after a while. I tend to politely ignore them.”
  • Listener Peter said “Now on the other hand I find some items that I call. ” RETAIL PLUS” That is when a person is asking just about the full retail or asking retail for a used items that you can go over to the next hall and get it sometimes even less. I have seen it.”
  • Listener Tim said “Demonstration games covered in empty cans and wrappers. Game ‘hosts’ who stand around chatting with their club mates and ignore the public.”
  • Listener Graydon said “Going to HMGS conventions for fifteen years and you’ve never seen anyone put on the whole Battle of Leipzig so you get up the energy to do it and when you get the PEL you see there are five Battle of Leipzigs listed for this convention. This was at King of Prussia, and I haven’t seen Leipzig at a convention again…”

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