Hobby Bunker Game Day 2017 – Wargaming Recon #191

Among the crowd and noise, Adrian sits down with Jonathan at the Hobby Bunker Game Day for 2017 and chew the fat about a great day and a hobby we all love!

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The Game Day

Held at the Hobby Bunker in Malden, the game day was made up of 3 game slots of 15 games being played in each. Jonathan and the lads go into what games they hooked into. Apart from the gaming, comes the shopping! As with any gaming event, they may have to tell their better half why there is no money left.

The Store

Incorporated Hobby Bunker, Inc. in 1997 and opened our doors to the public in 1998. They now celebrating our 19th year. They strive to offer us gamers the widest array of toy soldiers and hobby items at the most competitive prices. If you cannot find what you are looking for in their store or on their website, they will do their very best to locate the product(s) or help point you in the right direction. Owner and president, Matthew Murphy, has been around toy soldiers, model kits and gaming nearly his entire life. He has also been collecting toy soldiers, building models and dioramas and playing wargames for many years. He has a great passion for toy soldiers and history and he and his full-time staff are always happy to meet and help anyone from beginner to seasoned hobby enthusiasts!

Next time on Battlestar Galactica  Wargaming Recon

The man, the myth, the game designer Sam Mustafa sits down with us to discuss things that we all should be excited about. Releasing on Wargaming Recon# 192 releasing on September 18 2017.



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