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Bristling With Enthusiasm

In order to apply paint onto the molten (or plastic) toy soldiers one must use a paint brush.  But, what type of brush should you use?  This depends on the type of paint being used. Most of my brushes are purchased from the local craft shop, A.C. Moore in my… Read More»

I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

With delight, happiness, and joy I announce the conclusion of the Name the Podcast Deux Contest.  Almost 30 potential names were submitted.  They range from Games for Gamers and Doughboy’s Telegraph to Wargaming Recon and Intercourse of the War Gamer. The winning name is Wargaming Recon!  It is a name… Read More»

Painting Station

As a teenager I had a space and table dedicated to assembling and painting models.  Back then I hated that aspect of playing miniatures games like 40k and Warhammer Fantasy.  The table eventually went away but the desire for a painting table returned after my wedding.  Moving into the new… Read More»

Battle of Chelsea Creek (58 Pictures)

A more fulfilling write up of the Battle of Chelsea Creek battle is forthcoming.  Richard Claydon of the Boston Trained Bands (Chris was home ill) did a fantastic job as umpire and scenario creator.  He ran the battle for the five of us and we had a blast!  Below you… Read More»

Visiting USS Salem (CA-139) 200+ Images

Groupon had a great deal for customers to pay half price for tickets to tour the USS Salem (CA-139) located in Quincy, Massachusetts.  My father is a retired Chief Petty Officer after serving 23 years.  I knew he’d enjoy visiting the ship.  He never served on a cruiser, instead serving… Read More»