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Wargaming Recon Episode 64: Historical Modelling

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart releases the inaugural Wargaming Recon episode. Dispatches from HQ (or should I say Despatches from HQ) kicks off the show.  Henry Hyde’s forthcoming book The Wargaming Compendium (searching Barnes & Nobles website will know show the book, please use the link I provide) is discussed.  Pre-order… Read More»

Battle of Chelsea Creek (58 Pictures)

A more fulfilling write up of the Battle of Chelsea Creek battle is forthcoming.  Richard Claydon of the Boston Trained Bands (Chris was home ill) did a fantastic job as umpire and scenario creator.  He ran the battle for the five of us and we had a blast!  Below you… Read More»

Battleground Games Plainville Opening Day Pictures

As promised in our article Battleground Games & Hobbies is OPEN we have the pictures from opening day at BG Plainville. It was a lot of fun there and we spent over 8 hours live-blogging, taking pictures, hanging out, eating at Piezoni’s (you totally have to try them) and playing… Read More»

Battleground Games & Hobbies Plainville is OPEN

We’re here at 25 Taunton Street in Plainville for the opening of Battleground Games & Hobbies Plainville. We will be live-blogging on the iPad this event for most of the day. Since we’re live-blogging this we don’t have the usual full functionality that we normally do. We have pictures of… Read More»