2014 Episode Guide

We hope you will enjoy this episode guide to our 2014 podcast season.

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Release Date | Episode # | Topic, Important Notes, & Guest(s) if applicable
January 20th-Ep.106: Goals and Plans for 2014
February 3rd-Ep.107: Turn Your Girlfriend Into a Gamer with guest Aaron Bostian
February 17th-Ep.108: Con Industry Guests Do’s & Don’ts with guest Jay Libby
March 3rd-Ep.109: TotalCon 2014
March 17th-Ep.110: Meet the Mythwits Podcast
March 30th-Ep.111: How Jonathan Became a Wargamer
April 14th-Ep.112: HuzzahCon 2014
April 28th-Ep.113: Are Painted Minis Essential to Miniatures Wargaming?
May 13th-Ep.114: 5 Ways to Turn OFF a Potential Wargamer
May 26th-ReCast Ep.62: Battle of Abington
June 9th-Ep.115: 1775 the Boardgame
June 23rd-Ep.116: Age of Empires 2 HD
July 7th-Ep.117: Great Wargamer Destinations
July 21st-Ep.118: Kickstarter for Wargamers
August 4th-Ep.119: Henry Hyde Wargaming Author
August 18th-Ep.120: Wargaming with Kids
September 1st-Ep.121: Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014
September 15th-Ep.122: Steven MacLauchlan and Flames of War
September 29th-Ep.123: The Great Wargaming Survey
October 13th-Ep.124: Paper Terrain
October 27th-ReCast Ep.2: Electronic Gaming & Censorship
November 10th-Ep.125: Holiday Gift Guide 2014 with Aaron Bostian
November 24th-Ep.126: Extra Life 24hr Game-a-Thon for Boston Children’s Hospital
December 8th-Ep.127: Looking Back on 2014

23 new episodes planned!

“Best of” episodes release:

December 22, 2014-ReCast Ep.115: 1775 the Boardgame & Jonathan’s birthday