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Wargaming Recon #77: Russ Lockwood Game Designer & Editor

Russ Lockwood, editor of Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design Volume 1, is the guest. Also discussed: Explanation for poor audio quality Statement on Talkshoe messing up the audio for part of recording Snappy Nappy – Napoleonic rules written by Russ Lockwood Thanks to Purple Duck Games for sponsoring TCPN

Wargaming Recon #76: Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design

Wally Simon’s Secrets of Wargame Design edited by Russ Lockwood of On Military Matters takes the center stage. Also discussed: Update on the Flames of War Events Situation Wargames Illustrated Issue 296 Dedhampton Revolution Update Plimoth Plantation Trip Mail Bag – Comments on Episode 75 Pinterest

Wargaming Recon Episode 75: Battlefront Restricts Flames of War

Host Jonathan J. Reinhart hosts the 75th episode of the podcast! On the show he reviews a book, updates the Battlegames Magazine situation, reviews Wunderlist, and gives in depth coverage of the Battlefront announcement.