TXG Tau For the Greater Good

I know you’re probably saying, “Hey, aren’t you collecting Tomb Kings for this?” Yeah, I am. However, I also have to finish my Tau army for 40k and figured why not include it here.

My Tau are more or less finished. I have about 4k of Tau before the Tau Empire codex came out. With the new codex I decided to upgrade my list and enhance it with some new additions from the Tau model range.

In US WD 316 (March 2006) on page 102 and 103 there are two examples of different tactics for using a Tau army. The first is a Gun Line with massed firepower. The second is Air Cavalry with lots of vehicles. I’m using the first tactic.

The only additions I need to make are:

  • 10 Kroot Hounds
  • 1 Krootox
  • 2 Sniper Teams

Therefore, this will result in a relatively short stint in TXG. The list on 102 is only 1,500pts and I’m likely to expand it to 2k using existing models such as Crisis Suits.

As was mentioned in Tale of X Gamers Rules Updated I start with $75 to spend. Each month thereafter I get $40 to spend. I don’t have to spend all that but I can’t spend more than it.

With a brand new army in production for Warhammer Fantasy my funds are stretched. Between that and the few items I need to pick up for my Tau I won’t be spending very much money. That’s a good thing. Anything I have to purchase will be gotten online, at great discount, or through FLGS where I get discounts. 90% of my existing Tau army was purchased at my local retailers. As always I urge you to shop at your local retailers to support them.
For the first month I want to pick up the Sniper Teams. I have used Tau for quite awhile with relative success. I am expecting the Sniper Drones to improve my performance.

Per page 40 of the new Tau Empire codex we can see that Sniper Drone Teams are counted as Heavy Support and that up to 3 teams can be taken to fill a single Heavy Support choice. This means my 2 teams, costing me 160 pts, will only fill 1 slot. NICE! The rail rifles on the drones will come in very, very handy.

Below are my purchases:

September 2006 (1st Month, Startup $$)

  • 1 Sniper Drone Team – $14.52 (from eBay w/ shipping)
  • 1 Sniper Drone Team – $20 (from eBay w/ shipping)

Total (without tax) – $24.52 with $50.48 left.

Purchasing online has an added bonus of sometimes not having to assemble the models. The first Sniper Drone Team I list is completely assembled and unpainted. This saves me the time of having to assemble the metal models.

Next month I plan to use the $50.48 I’m carrying over to pick up either 1 Krootox or 10 Kroot Hounds. The month after I’ll likely pick up the other. I also want to get, although I don’t exactly need it for my list, a box of Vespids to take out Marines and a Skyray.

Stay tuned for further developments in the completion of my Sa’cea Sept Tau Army. For the greater good!