Server Migration, Downtime and Disappointments

This is going to be a sullen news posting because it is, more or less, full of bad or disappointing information. No, we’re not closing shop. No worries there.

There’s 3 issues I’m going to discuss. They are Server Migration, Downtime, and Disappointments.

Server Migration

Our web host announced that they’d be undergoing a server migration because of problems with their old server farm. They stated that it would take place by October 15th. The server migration took place this weekend and resulted in some downtime, more on that below. Unfortunately, during the migration an error/accident happened at the old server farm that resulted in sections of Acho Hosting to be deleted. This included billing information, some client databases, and support information (i.e. whenever someone sends in a ticket asking for help).

The damage was contained and as of 20 minutes ago everything is up and running. The latest news can be found at Acho Hosting Support Center. The major downsides of the migration are the downtime and loss of databases and other information. We were mainly affected by downtime and loss of support information and databases. We don’t pay anything so no worries on that.

Positives of the server migration are increased security and features at the new server farm. The new servers are on the East Coast, which greatly benefits me and all New Englanders. Additionally they have double the memory up to 1GB and triple the hard drive space up to 160GB. Plus, the transfer rate has doubled up to a T1. This means you will get access to podcasts, postings, and our radio station (more on that in another post) much quicker. It also means the server will operate at peak capacity better without getting overburdened. Plus, the new server farm is much more secure than the old, and secure, server farm.

All told the migration is a success and the trials and tribulations are worth the gains. It may not seem like it at first but I assure you the ends are wonderful.


We don’t have total, verified, numbers for the downtime. I’d hate to wildly guess but downtime was off and on since Friday the 6th. Acho Hosting has conjectured that we experienced 2 days of downtime, which is the highest for all their clients. Many clients experienced 0 downtime.

Nothing like this has ever happened during our time with Acho Hosting and we stand by them. They are the most affordable, friendliest, and secure webhost with minimum downtime and helpful plus knowledgeable staff we’ve ever dealt with. A server migration happens very rarely and it can be a messy situation. Acho Hosting suffered more than most but quickly recovered and we worked hand in hand with them.

One other reason for our extended downtime is that I am the Acho Hosting Sales Department Manager. This has a lot of perks but it also has the negative that staff get served last because paying customers go first. Just a price to pay sometimes.

We are now up and 210% operational with absolutely 0 lost data. We missed some important events, see Disappointments below, but we’re getting back on track.


Due to the migration and downtime we have disappointments to deliver. Briefly, we’ve missed blog postings, a podcast, and an interview with Alex Fennell who owns Mongoose Publishing.

This weekend saw the server migration and downtime disrupt our posting and podcast. It also saw my car almost exploding when I went to partake in Friday Night SG-1 RPG run by Steve. My car was offline all weekend and without transport I was unable to get to Alex on Saturday. We will be having information on this, along with photos, from Brian Lasiewski. I spoke with Brian today when I was at DP and he gave me reassuring news about the new Starship Troopers game. He even has basic rules that I’m going to try and get copies of to share with you.

We promise that the disruptions and disappointments you experienced because of us this weekend will not be a regular happening. We strive to be your one stop for gaming news, podcasts, information, and internet music. Although some of our online friends, such as Librarium Online, are suffering hack attacks and incredible downtime we are constantly working to ensure that we are online and accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

We have listeners and visitors to the CWF Game Cast’s blog and podcast from across the globe. England, Canada, America, Asia and beyond are tuning in. Be sure to tell your friends about us.


Enough talk of disappointments for today. Let’s talk about the successes we’ve had. We are a founding member of the best gaming network out there named Warvault. In less than 3 months we’ve become a premier destination because of our gaming podcast. We are in contact with games designers and game company owners such as Andy Chambers and Alex Fennell. Excluding this weekend we’ve had no downtime or interruption of service. We have a solid staff of gamers who cover everything from video games and RPGs to CCGs and Minis. We deliver high quality information by college graduates with extensive gaming experience. Collectively we have played all the major games in every genre and system. Some of us have even been official demo guys for various companies.

We’ve gone from the vision of one person back in 1994 with the start of BLEE! to several websites, an internet music station, podcasts, a gaming forum with 600+ members (now defunt), and blog that receives hundreds of visits a day.

If this doesn’t convince you to keep tuning in and stay with us then nothing will. Just remember that you play it and we discuss it. That is our motto and promise to you. Like you we are all gamers and every week we’re on the floors of our friendly local gaming stores playing the games you play and thinking what you are and wanting to share those thoughts with other gamers. That is what we do here. Like you we are gamers and we think, act, talk, and walk just like you.

Be sure to stay with us because as a famous American once said….the best is yet to come.