Games Workshop Releases (Blood Angels codex, LoTR, White Dwarf 30th)

Games Workshop has a number of new releases and sneak peeks coming at us. One of the biggest is the latest issue of White Dwarf, which features the first half of the brand NEW Blood Angels Codex.

Blood Angels Codex

The first half of this, sans points cost, appears in US White Dwarf #329 (June 2007) and is enticing. On the light-hearted side are the models, the old ones (no new ones shown) of characters. A friend of mine pointed out that models in articifer armor have their nipples and toes/feet modeled into the armor. But, models in power armor do not. When you first notice this on the masculine models you get an idea of how cold it must be wearing that.

Limited Edition White Dwarf Model

Today was the last day to purchase the limited edition model of the White Dwarf being carried on a shield by Bugman and Gotrek. Make sure you head over to the 30th Anniversary White Dwarf Model page and I’m sure you can buy your’s on eBay but it’ll probably cost more than its original $25.

Summer Campaign Website

Now is the time for the annual, worldwide, summer campaign. This year is a Fantasy campaign titled Nemesis Crown. Head over to the official Nemesis Crown website for all the news and to participate in this epic adventure! You can bet I’ll be reading up on it and hopefully giving my Army of Sylvania a go.

Lord of the Rings Releases

There’s a slew of releases for LoTR. A lot of them are focusing on the Dwarfs.

  • Dwarf Rangers box
  • Dwarf Warriors box
  • Dwarf Iron Guard blister
  • Dwarf Ballista blister
  • Moria Goblin Shaman blister
  • Dragon box

Fantasy Releases

There’s also a couple Fantasy releases.

  • Black Orcs box
  • Black Orc Big Boss blister
  • Night Goblin on Squig blister