War at Sea League @ Battleground Games

Battleground Games in Abington is the FLGS where I have the pleasure to play War at Sea with a small but friendly crowd.

John, the guy who has been pushing War at Sea from the start, has also been trying to get a league going. I’m the new guy but on the official forums for Battleground I came up with a bunch of suggestions on potential league play that I will share with you. I’d love to get feedback on your thoughts.

Right now we meet each Wednesday and play against each other in casual play without any official or strict standings like in a league or weekly events. It is great to get out and play the game with others and have fun. It could be better to add a little competetive spirit and perhaps some prize support to help others get into the game.

There are two ways a standardized setting for War at Sea can be handled. The first is a league and the second is a weekly event.

Both of these can be implemented with relative ease. They each have their benefits and disadvantages. The weekly event doesn’t tie anyone into a lengthy committment and maintains a spirit of casual play.

The league gives each person more time to try and win thus evening the playing field. It could be a bad night but in a league that’s 1 bad night out of 6 weeks instead of having bad luck at the only day of the event. It also provides a more formal setting for gaming and increases the competitive nature.

Which do I choose? I’m not too certain what is best for the group at Battleground right now. At this point there are 3 regulars (John, Rick, and myself). Monday night a new guy got into it when he purchased a starter box. However, it is very tough for others to get into the game right now due to the lack of product in the stores.

For a league to work well I think it needs more than 3 people. Perhaps something closer to the neighborhood of 6-10 people and right now we don’t have that. This is the main opposition to doing a league. But, the main reason to do it is that it will last longer and keep interest in the game longer instead of fading too soon. As great as the game is, and it is spectacular, the danger of interest waning is real especially as Wizards didn’t produce and ship enough product to retailers. If people can’t buy this game they won’t play it.

The weekly event can work right off the bat and allows for more variability. It is easier to have an event one time for a small game of 50 pts. Or, another week with a special scenario. It also will have a larger payout of prize support. This is important because people can use it to spring from War at Sea into the regular Axis & Allies mini game. And, when War at Sea is back on the shelves the prize support can be used to purchase more boosters.

It all comes down to what the group wants to do. At this point you’re asking, “WHY DO I CARE?” The reason is simple. You may already have or be able to buy War at Sea at your FLGS. You’ll likely have other people who want to play it and you will probably be faced with starting a league. Instead of re-inventing the wheel your gaming group can use the one at Battleground as an example.

We all learn from each other. If you’re in a group that has already tackled this issue I’d love to hear from you. Please post your comments to this post or send me an e-mail. You can find out how by clicking at the right on “Contacting Angron & ^Raven^.”

As usual Wednesday is War at Sea night at Battleground. I hope to have some information for you after the games. We will be trying out a 3 player scenario that I’m sure to tell you about.

In the meantime keep on gaming and have a great day!