CWF Game Cast Newsletter

After devoting a lot of hard work I am happy to announce that we have a newsletter. It will, hopefully, be a monthly newsletter delivered to your e-mail.

The newsletter will feature blog and podcast news, sneak peeks, rumors, articles and more. It will also share upcoming events like local gaming leagues, tourneys, and much more.

To subscribe all you have to do is e-mail (Titled “Subscribe”). Sign-up now and keep informed about the happenings in the world of gaming!

You can also read the newsletter by going to CWF Game Cast Newsletter.

To contribute to the newsletter write articles on the blog. We use content from the blog for the newsletter. You can write anything you want related to gaming. It is the perfect way to talk about your gaming group, favorite game store, popular game, and upcoming leagues or tourneys.

Here’s a sneak peek of our first newsletter.