CWF Holiday Gift Guide 2007

There’s snow on the ground, online stores are giving deadlines for Christmas deliveries, and at least one fight between disgruntled shoppers made headlines in the mall. Must be time for the CWF Holiday Gift Guide.

Last year the Holiday Gift Guide was presaged by coverage in the CWF Game Cast podcast. Of course that isn’t possible this year with the podcast on hiatus. Instead we hope to make this guide better than before.

Shopping for gamers isn’t as easy as one expects but is easier than you think. We broke our guide down into three price categories. Under $15 (or the Friends ideas), Under $50 (family and loved ones) and $100 and up (group gifts or treat yourself).

Under $15

  1. Sitting Ducks Gallery – $15.00. This is our #1 overall pick for this gift guide. Please see our review of Sitting Ducks Gallery for more info. FLGS, ($7.49).
  2. CCG Boosters – Price varies but usually $3.99-$4.99. Magic, Yu-gi-Oh, and World of Warcraft are most popular. Lorywn is a great new Magic set, there’s tons of new foils for YGO, and new WoW set called March of the Legion. FLGS, Online Stores.
  3. Warmachine Warcasters – Usually costing $6.99-$9.99. Nice looking figs and a requirement for every Warmachine army. Great combo gift with the latest No Quarter. FLGS, Online Stores.
  4. Chessex 16mm D6 – $4.50 for set of 12. This showed up at #1 in last year’s guide. FLGS, Online Stores.
  5. Zap A Gap Glue – $3.99-$12.99. All models need glue for assembly. This is a perfect stocking stuffer. FLGS, Online Stores.

Under $50

  1. Citadel Modular Gaming Hill – $25. Nice looking prefab, modular, terrain to help you get jump started with playing a game. FLGS, Games Workshop Online Store.
  2. Regiment/Squad Box – $9.99-$49.99 (depending on game system and item). FLGS, Online Stores, Games Workshop Online, Mongoose Publishing, Flames of War
  3. Video/Computer Games – Prices Vary. In particular Guitar Hero 3 for PS2 or Xbox 360. Online Stores, Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, EB Games.
  4. Warhammer 40k Apocalypse Rulebook – $49.99. This must have book transforms 40k into a game of epic proportions with thousands of models on the table including Baneblades and Titans. FLGS, Games Workshop Online Store.
  5. Manga/Anime – $7.99-$9.99/$12.99-$19.99. Gamers love anime and manga. Anyone who plays Tau knows this to be true. Pick up some Bleach, Black Cat, and Yakitate!! Japan. Or, get some old school Eva or Bebop DVDs. Best Buy, Barnes & Noble,

$100 and Up

  1. Citadel Tool Kit – $120. GW created all news tools. Much improved and better than almost anything else. Comes in a nice case with clippers, files, hobby knife, pin vice, sculpting tool, vice, and razor saw. FLGS, Games Workshop Online.
  2. Paint Set (Vallejo, GW) – Prices vary. FLGS, Games Workshop Online.
  3. Nintendo Wii/Game Consoles – Prices vary. Best Buy, Toys R Us, Amazon, etc.
  4. Professional Paint Job – Price varies. Have your army professionally painted. Check our Blue Table Painting for an example.
  5. iPod – Prices vary. Great way to listen to music while you game or quick reference your army list that you saved as a txt. Online Stores, Apple.