40k Apocalypse Vid on Youtube by Lanparth

With the 40k Apocalypse Mega-Battle (yes I know that’s redundant) happening in less than 8 hours I thought everyone will enjoy some Apocalypse fun. One of my Youtube subscriptions, Lanparth, discussed Apocalypse a few months back and I’m giving him a nod by sharing his vid with all of you.

I don’t agree with everything he says, in fact I hardly ever agree with anything he says, but he offers a differing opinion than I on most issues. Watching his vid will either give you a chance to agree with someone, “Hey Lanparth totally agrees with everything I have to say. Fuck GW!” Or, you’ll vehemently disagree with him “Lanparth you tool! GW r0x0rz my s0x0rz and Apocalypse is mana from Jebus.”

Maybe I’ll do a bit in the podcast about Lanparth and his GW vids on Youtube. Then again, there’s other stuff to discuss.