Inside White Dwarf #336 Jan. 2008

Wondering if the new WD is worth purchasing? The table of contents below tells you what issue #336 covers. There’s plenty of Waaagh! coverage along with lots of new goodness.

This month has 119 pages of Games Workshop goodness to feast your eyes on. Use the below table of contents and Quick Picks, in an upcoming post, to guide your visual appetite.

  • Waaagh! Da Orks: Design Notes p. 22 “Phil Kelly reveals why the new Warhammer 40000 Ork Codex is ‘da best one ever!'”
  • Waaagh! Da Orks: 40k Battle Report: Da Tale of Two Bosses p. 40 “Ork Warbosses Brainbiter and Gitkilla are set to unite to form a mighty Waaagh! Can Tigurius stop them?”
  • New Releases p. 2 “All the latest models from the Citadel forges.”
  • News p. 16 “Quake in fear! The Vampires are coming…”
  • Design Studio: The Road Ahead p. 60 “A look at what’s coming up in 2008.”
  • The Lord of the Rings: Movie Moments p. 66 “Inspirational scenes for your battle games.”
  • New Citadel Range p. 74 “We ring in the changes to the Citadel range.”
  • Standard Bearer p. 80 “Jervis invites you to try a game or three.”
  • Warhammer Tactica: Flying Creatures p. 84 “Introducing some low cunning for high flyers.”
  • Painting Masterclass: Eltharion The Grim p. 90 “The Warden of Tor Ybresse, step-by-step.”
  • Toolbox p. 99 “Plastic Cutters.”
  • Frontline p. 100 “The latest events and activities near you!”
  • Ordering Direct p. 114 “Fast, secure mail orders straight to your door.”