CWF’s 1st Podcast Promo

Finally we have succeeded in making our first promo that doesn’t suck…completely. Using GarageBand ’08 and my new iMac, yay Mac, we have recorded a 39 second promo. We tried to keep it to 30 seconds but what’s an extra 9 seconds?

Please use this promo to show your friends how much we rock and why they, like you, should listen to the CWF Game Cast. We’ll be working on other promos down the road. This first one is strictly informational but the others will touch on other genres like comedy and sci-fi.

Listen to the promo below and you can share the promo with others by right clicking CWF Game Cast Promo #1 and saving it to your computer. Then you can e-mail it to everyone. You can share this post on Digg, /., Facebook, Technorati using the icons at the bottom of this post.