Axis & Allies Miniatures: North Africa

Axis & Allies Minis North Africa is the newest set to appear at a gaming store near you on March 28, 2008. The set is part of the 1939-1945 revised series that Wizards created for the game. 1939-1945 issued some fixes for the game including a larger size tank, which puts the tanks more correctly in scale with everything else from the game. The new set is North Africa, which issues units from the famous North Africa Campaign.

If you’ve ever wanted to be the Desert Fox or thought you could destroy the Afrika Korps this expansion is your chance. The set is composed of 60 pre-painted durable plastic models including the German 88 and British Matilda tank.

Be sure to read the North Africa 1939-1943 FAQ before you buy the set. It answers all your questions covering rules changes. Additionally, you’ll want to pick up the North Africa 1940-1943 Map Guide. Long time AAM players will likely have the Advanced Rules and this map guide is very similar. It features three new double sided hex maps and two new scenarios.