GW’s Flavor of the Month

GW seems to be mending their less than friendly customer relations. Good product, better customer relations, better content in WD. Win, win, win. Right?

WD #334 was a really good issue. It had some great Apocalypse and High Elf coverage plus a useful LoTR article that can be helpful in other systems. All was good for a month until WD #335. What the hell went wrong with issue 335?

GW is still utilizing the flavor of the month approach to sales, last month was all Apocalypse and HE all the time, and now it is some Apocalypse but mainly Space Orks and some LoTR all the time.

I realize that they cannot and should not provide the same message every month. However, spending more than a month on a major addition to the company (HE, Apocalypse, when LoTR came out, new edition of a system, etc) should receive more attention, hype, and time in the spotlight than part of a single month.

Instead, they show shiny new metal pieces and prettily painted new models for kids to buy. Next month they repeat with new product for kids to buy. Third month the same without repeat.

It feels almost like a collectible game minus the random factor. We know exactly what we’re getting but we need to stock up now or it’ll be gone or out of favor before we blink. Just look at some integral but “limited availability” products like the Black Templar Champion (Emperor’s Champion or whatever he’s called) and that Sisters ordance tank.

Some may have many limited availability pieces stockpiled. What if you hadn’t? You’d be shit out of luck and scampering for just one when time isn’t on your side. Trying to get that necessary model to use in your army, assemble it, paint it, and play with it.

I don’t have a problem with special characters being limited edition or even the unique in house only sculpts GW gives to their staff. Special characters should be rare, there’s only one of each person in the fluff, and unique by definition implies rarity.

The problem arises when mundane and vital components, like a required champion or a necessary tank, exist for a limited time. That is a sign that GW still has more changing to do in order to morph back into a friendlier company.

GW needs to move away from this methodology and spend time not only providing hype for new product but also making available sustained coverage and support in numerous formats.

GW perpetuates the flavor of the month approach because, in my opinion, they know that sales will continue at a sufficient level from younger players who see the shiny new products that are prettily painted.

That is cause for them to change their methodology to win back their base. GW needs to take a page out of the Republican 2004 Presidential Campaign book and spend time getting their base out. Not waste time on the new swing votes.